Which Is The Best Escort Agency In Singapore?

There are a lot of agencies in Singapore, but really, there are only less than 1 or 2 which are really good, reputable and dependable. In my personal opinion, I will say that one of the best few social escorts agencies in Singapore are SG VIP Escorts and SGCALLGIRLS (in the past, SGCALLGIRLS seem to sadly be defunct now – if you are the owner and it’s still operating, please email me at admin@cmryxm.net so I can edit this in case you’re still operating).

SGCALLGIRLS is a few years old, and SG VIP Escorts is a brand new agency in 2017. Despite it’s young start, SG VIP Escorts has quickly build a reputation in this area, as you can easily tell if you Google for their reviews online.


Specializing in local only Singaporean girls (which is what my fetish is), SG VIP Escorts is really genuine in that their girls really look like their photos. I have always been satisfied with their girls.

There are so many other agencies who are terrible and always look different from their photos it’s freaking ridiculous. Backpage is a complete joke, with so many escorts passing off random photos, and (now defunct) agencies who keep sending foreign girls when I specifically requested for a local girl only.

Maybe there are other guys who like being cheated of their money by getting a cheap KTV girl rather than a true local girl, but I HATE IT. This is the main reason why I’m sticking to SGVIPESCORTS.COM because they are true to their words.

I used to think Royce International was not bad, but recently they have been very rude to me, and I decided not to engage them again.

So there you go, that’s my personal opinion of which is the best escort agency in Singapore. What are your thoughts? Who do you prefer? Let me know! (my email is above)

Being A Social Escort In Singapore – Job Requirements

What are the job requirements you need to be a female professional social escort in Singapore?

Here are some social escort jobs and work requirements:

  • First of all, you should be attractive.

    This is extremely important. Men who hire social escorts only hire models who are beautiful. Therefore, there is no way around this criteria. You have to look good if you want to be a social escort model.

  • Second of all, you should be well dressed.

    As a social escort model wannabe, it is very important for you to be very eloquent and well put together. The main reason clients engage social escorts is because they want a highly attractive girl, who is eloquent and also dresses very well and knows how to react in social situations. They do not want a girl who looked like she just woke up. Ideally, they want you to look like you are some celebrity. It is the fantasy of paying for a celebrity-like girlfriend that clients really want when they look for a social escort. Some clients may prefer if you dress more casually, but most clients like it when their escorts dress really elegantly and sexily but without being over the top. Understated sexiness and over-elegance is the kind of look that you should know how to dress like if you want to be successful as an escort.

  • Third of all, you should ideally be between the ages of 18 to 30.

    Models who are too old are usually lower in demand, and therefore, most agencies like engaging and hiring social escorts in their young to mid 20s. That is the age range which is preferred by most customers. If you are older in age, sure, you can still get clients, but it will be limited. If you are in your mid to late 20s, you can still get clients. Quickly apply for such an escort model job now and make all the money you can before your age steps over 30 and you will be hard pressed to find any agency which will accept you, nor any clients who will want you and overpay for that.

  • Next of all, most of the times, some hand holding e.t.c. may be expected, therefore, you should not be too close minded, otherwise, you will not be able to work in this industry.

    If some hugging, hand holding, e.t.c. is not acceptable to you at all, do not bother applying. You are not paid to stand there as a motionless model, but as a romantic companion like a girlfriend for rental albeit highly paid (in fact higher paid than doctors and lawyers in Singapore per hour!) Do more research on escort work if you want. Being an escort in Singapore is like being a hostess or a Geisha in Japan. You are basically paid to entertain the clients and look good.

  • Finally, you need to be available at short notice.

    Most clients always book pretty last minute, with only 1-3 hours notice. If you always cannot make it anytime of the week, then it will be difficult for you to pick up any available jobs and bookings. Clear up your own schedule before applying for a social escort job in Singapore. The more flexible your own schedule, the more successfully financially you will be as an escort in Singapore.

After reading the above, if you are interested in being an escort model in Singapore, then check out my reviews of Singapore’s top escort agencies so you know which one to best join!

Rant Against People Who Are Against Social Escorting

Many women in Singapore somehow think that going on dates with rich men is an awesome idea, but if the men were to pay them for the date, suddenly it becomes very evil. What is this nonsense? In fact, I dare say that it’s much more honorable being a social escort model and admit that you want money rather than sneakily trying to squeeze out money from a guy that likes you but you don’t really fancy.

I never understood all of the ‘bad connotations’ towards going for a paid date, which is what a social escort model girl does. Frankly, aren’t you going on a paid date as well if you go out with a guy whom you have no long term plans with? I’m sure you have gone out with a guy in Singapore whom you think is decent enough but probably not long term boyfriend or husband material, and he paid for everything on your date. Isn’t that not the same as social escort work? The only difference is that you’re paid way more as a social escort.

If you ask me, I would say that Singaporeans care too much about how others live their lives, when it wouldn’t even affect them. If a beautiful girl wants to be a social escort, so be it! Being a social escort is a perfectly legal and high paying job, and is not the same as being a prostitute – a BIG misconception by the general public in Singapore. Would you call a judge a lawyer? Would you call a nurse a doctor? No you wouldn’t. So why would you think that social escorts are the same as prostitutes? Yes, it may mean similar meanings in overseas, but in Singapore, social escorts strictly do NOT provide any sex or sexual services whatsoever. As the name suggests, they act as your plus 1 to dates or public events.

Alright, rant over. If you want more information on signing up as a social escort in Singapore, head over to www.linkedin.com/company/sgvipescorts www.facebook.com/sgvipservices/.

How Being A Social Escort May Change Your Life Forever

As you can watch from the video below, there are some ways in which being a social escort will change you, like how it changed the videoed girl’s perspective on dating.

This is because most people who have never considered being a social escort don’t want to be one because they think that men who order such services are creepy. However, that’s not true at all. In fact, most men who order such services are usually highly successful businessmen, executives, surgeons, lawyers, top bankers e.t.c. and are usually lonely. Some of them have been working hard their whole life and never had a chance to date and thus feel lonely. While others may be attached but feel bored.

Unlikely what the media always puts out, men who order social escort services in Singapore are usually highly successful people, and not random and old creepy men bumming around.

Therefore, if you’re considering taking up some gigs in this industry in Singapore, which is very highly paid by the way, then you may want to check out some of the following listed agencies in Singapore.

First of all, you may want to check out SG VIP Escorts. Just Google for their brand name and you’ll be able to find them easily. Secondly, it would be SGModel Escorts. Third of all, it would be Madam Q if you want to look for some international escorts. Do note that international escorts may not be able to work legally in Singapore (I’m not sure of the rules but you can check), so if you engage an international escort, just be aware in case you get checked.

A final note is that you don’t usually want to go with the escort agency that charges the highest, but neither do you want to go with the agency that charges the lowest. The best agency to join if you want to make the most money, is to see who can give you the overall best commissions and consistent volume. Also, make sure that their business is legally registered to avoid legal problems.

Booked A Social Escort Service? Here’s What To Expect

If you have never booked a social escort in Singapore before, then this will be a great and important read for you. If you are looking for a recommendation, then check out SG VIP Escorts, and you can contact them here for a booking in advance.

First and foremost, most people book social escort services in Singapore through online order forms or phone. Few social escort agencies have a physical store, in which you can enter and browse through.

Secondly, after you’ve booked the service either through online order forms or phone (SMS or call), then some agencies require you to transfer a deposit fee into their company’s account while others require you to bring the full sum upon meeting the social escort. The key is to make sure that regardless, you MUST only engage the social escort services of an agency which is actually registered with the government of Singapore, or you may get into trouble. Social escort agencies are perfectly legal, only if they do NOT sell sex or sexual services AND are registered with the local Singapore government.

Third of all, you will usually need to meet the social escort at a public place, or if you wish to meet her at a hotel, then the agency will usually verify your identity with the hotel before letting the girl go to your room, due to safety reasons.

Keep in mind that when it comes to social escort services, there is just companionship by the girl to events or dates or business meetings. There is no sexual services implied or sold, therefore, do not have the false expectations of that. If you two intend to take it a step further that’s your own business with the girl, and has nothing to do with the services you paid for. It’s exactly like how matchmaking services only bring you and a woman together, whether or not you eventually marry the girl and have children is none of the matchmaker’s business.

So there you go, it’s nothing much really, but it’s an awesome feeling when you engage a truly eloquent local Sg girl to go out with you to really posh events like movie gala events and red carpet stuff.