Booked A Social Escort Service? Here’s What To Expect

If you have never booked a social escort in Singapore before, then this will be a great and important read for you. If you are looking for a recommendation, then check out SG VIP Escorts, and you can contact them here for a booking in advance.

First and foremost, most people book social escort services in Singapore through online order forms or phone. Few social escort agencies have a physical store, in which you can enter and browse through.

Secondly, after you’ve booked the service either through online order forms or phone (SMS or call), then some agencies require you to transfer a deposit fee into their company’s account while others require you to bring the full sum upon meeting the social escort. The key is to make sure that regardless, you MUST only engage the social escort services of an agency which is actually registered with the government of Singapore, or you may get into trouble. Social escort agencies are perfectly legal, only if they do NOT sell sex or sexual services AND are registered with the local Singapore government.

Third of all, you will usually need to meet the social escort at a public place, or if you wish to meet her at a hotel, then the agency will usually verify your identity with the hotel before letting the girl go to your room, due to safety reasons.

Keep in mind that when it comes to social escort services, there is just companionship by the girl to events or dates or business meetings. There is no sexual services implied or sold, therefore, do not have the false expectations of that. If you two intend to take it a step further that’s your own business with the girl, and has nothing to do with the services you paid for. It’s exactly like how matchmaking services only bring you and a woman together, whether or not you eventually marry the girl and have children is none of the matchmaker’s business.

So there you go, it’s nothing much really, but it’s an awesome feeling when you engage a truly eloquent local Sg girl to go out with you to really posh events like movie gala events and red carpet stuff.

Why Engage Social Escorts For Events In Singapore?

Engaging social escorts is a common thing for Hollywood celebrities and rich businessmen in Europe or USA. However, what about in Singapore? Is it common practice? Is it really important or beneficial to go to business conventions in Singapore with a hot social escort SG girl?

  • First and foremost, Singapore, being a dominantly Chinese country, puts a lot of emphasis on ‘face’. ‘Face’ to the Chinese simply means reputation. If you go to a business event with a beautiful girl (social escort) in Singapore, it’s like pulling up to an event in a bright yellow Lamborghini and stunning everyone at the party. It instantly elevates your self worth and increases the aura people see.
  • Of course, if your girl is with you, bring your girl along. However, sometimes your lady may not follow you everywhere. Therefore, it’s ok and perfectly acceptable to engage a few hours of a Singapore social escort’s services and have her follow you around your event in Singapore as a beautiful arm candy. I prefer to call her a status symbol.
  • Some men may get naughty ideas, but keep in mind, that is outside of the social escort agencies’ purview. If you wish to engage in private adult matters with the escort, it’s up to you and the escort herself’s own consent.

All in all, although there is a social stigma for Singapore men when it comes to engaging female social escorts, many foreigners and more liberal Singapore men are perfectly ok with finding and engaging the services of social escorts. In fact, this is very common practice among rich expatriates to Singapore as well as rich businessmen who are still single and want to have some fun with no strings attached.

Another use for social escorts is for parties. For e.g. if you want to organize one of the best parties in Singapore, you can’t go wrong by over hiring too many beautiful girls, as word will get around and you will attract many more people to your event.

In a nutshell, if you have the money and want to have some fun, definitely lavish yourself with the escort services of beautiful Singapore girls and enjoy!

Is Being A Social Escort A Lucrative Career In Singapore?

First of all, let’s just put this out there – Singapore is a conservative country. Hence, it is quite impossible for you to ask anyone in public if you should be a social escort and the career prospects, because nobody in Singapore will answer you properly and will instead simply shun you.

So, let me share with you what veteran social escorts in Singapore have to say about the industry and working in it in Singapore. (Do note the names have been changed to protect the identity of the girls).

Jane: Being a social escort is like having a second life. I have a day job as an accounting analyst. After hearing of the fast and ‘easy’ cash in the social escort industry (do note that social escort services is legal in Singapore), I decided to try it out, afterall, I’m unattached. Better to try now then never. I think the money is really good, and I can afford to buy myself simple things without needing to worry about it. However, I also know that it’s a short term career (between ages of 18 to 30), so I am fully prepared for that as well.

Jessica: Thankfully for me, I have not met any clients whom I happen to know before escorting. Actually that’s my biggest worry, what that client will tell others if the client happens to know me before. Thankfully, I have been lucky so far. Other than that, I would say that it’s a fairly ‘simple’ job and while I wouldn’t say I love it, I can’t say I don’t love the money.

Teo: I joined the social escort industry 2 years ago, and while I cannot say I love all the aspects of the job, I can say that it does afford me lots of financial freedom. I now make more than my highest paid friends in investment banking jobs. This is incredible xD

So there you go – 3 comments from Singaporean/PR girls who have joined the social escort services in Singapore.

Hopefully the above will help alleviate some of your worries! If you’re looking for a good social escort agency in Singapore to join, check out