Rant Against People Who Are Against Social Escorting

Many women in Singapore somehow think that going on dates with rich men is an awesome idea, but if the men were to pay them for the date, suddenly it becomes very evil. What is this nonsense? In fact, I dare say that it’s much more honorable being a social escort model and admit that you want money rather than sneakily trying to squeeze out money from a guy that likes you but you don’t really fancy.

I never understood all of the ‘bad connotations’ towards going for a paid date, which is what a social escort model girl does. Frankly, aren’t you going on a paid date as well if you go out with a guy whom you have no long term plans with? I’m sure you have gone out with a guy in Singapore whom you think is decent enough but probably not long term boyfriend or husband material, and he paid for everything on your date. Isn’t that not the same as social escort work? The only difference is that you’re paid way more as a social escort.

If you ask me, I would say that Singaporeans care too much about how others live their lives, when it wouldn’t even affect them. If a beautiful girl wants to be a social escort, so be it! Being a social escort is a perfectly legal and high paying job, and is not the same as being a prostitute – a BIG misconception by the general public in Singapore. Would you call a judge a lawyer? Would you call a nurse a doctor? No you wouldn’t. So why would you think that social escorts are the same as prostitutes? Yes, it may mean similar meanings in overseas, but in Singapore, social escorts strictly do NOT provide any sex or sexual services whatsoever. As the name suggests, they act as your plus 1 to dates or public events.

Alright, rant over. If you want more information on signing up as a social escort in Singapore, head over to www.linkedin.com/company/sgvipescorts www.facebook.com/sgvipservices/.

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